Mississauga Family Lawyer

Family law cases are different from other disputes because of the emotional and personal aspects. The role of our lawyers is to ensure that your family law or divorce matter is dealt with in a fashion that protects your and your family’s current and future interests, and that the scars are kept to a minimum.

If you are in need of legal advice, please go to the Contact Us page to book a free initial consultation. We accept legal aid certificates. For more information on legal aid and to determine if you are eligible, visit Legal Aid Ontario (LAO).
Our website has a variety of useful information. First, there is the Contact page where you will find our contact information, directions to our offices and a form for booking free initial consultations. We also have a Community Resource page which gives information on services in the community which can help you with issues that may arise during your family dispute. Our Expertise lists the areas of family law that we have extensive experience in handling. The Family Law FAQs and Family Law Glossary can help you find answers to your questions, and In the News provides informative articles about family law. Finally, in order to provide you with better service, we have listed our Fees so you have an idea of what to expect if you decide to retain us.