Family Law FAQs

Here are FAQs guides and articles that cover some of the most often asked about family law issues. If you have any further questions, visit the Contact Us page and book a no-fee initial consultation.

Changing Families

Family dynamics change during divorce and parental separation. The following is educational information for parents on how to help their children and teens understand and cope with the change.
A Kids’ Guide to Separation and Divorce (View Flash Version) – This guide is for children from 5 to 12 years old. The Flash version uses a combination of voice narration, animation and text to help children understand their parents’ separation or divorce.
A Guide for Grown-Ups – This has been designed to complement “A Kids’ Guide to Separation and Divorce.” It covers how to effectively use the guide for children and includes a list of books about separation and divorce.
A Teen Guide to Parental Separation and Divorce (View Flash Version) – This is a guide geared towards preteens and teens. There is also a Flash version that uses music and animation to capture the preteen or teen’s attention and help explain why their family is changing.

Other Resources

Family Justice Website – Here you will find detailed information about the family justice services offered by the Ministry of the Attorney General of British Columbia for families going through separation and divorce.
Justice Education Society of BC – This organization strives towards making the justice system accessible to everyone through hands on education between British Columbia residents and the justice system.
LSS Family Law in British Columbia – Through this website from the Legal Services Society you can obtain self help materials, get general information about family law and find links to places that offer more legal help.
Parenting After Separation – British Columbia residents have the option to attend a free, three hour information session about child guardianship, access, support and custody issues. You can view the free workbook–which places focus on the needs of children when their parents separate and how you can meet them–in PDF format here.

Other FAQs

Below is a list of other FAQs and guides that you may find useful during your divorce or separation.
Divorce Law: Questions and Answers – This online booklet from the Ottawa Department of Justice provides basic information about Canadian divorce law and answers some of the most commonly asked questions. There is also a PDF version available on their site.
CPP Benefits: Are You Entitled? – This booklet, provided by Community Legal Education Ontario (CLEO), addresses the issue of when and how to divide up Canada Pension Plan (CPP) credits during a separation or divorce.
Because Life Goes On… Helping Children and Youth Live With Separation and Divorce – This is a guide published by the Public Health Agency of Canada for parents about how to help their children through a divorce or separation and life after. The site also provides audio and PDF versions.
Children’s Aid: Information for Parents – This PDF document from CLEO is about the Children’s Aid Society (CAS) and answers some of the more frequently asked questions, like when CAS checks on a family and what to do if a CAS worker contacts you.
The Family Law Series: Custody and Access – This informative PDF document provides the answers to some of the questions parents may have about child custody and access after a divorce or separation.
The Family Law Series: Getting Divorced – This is a guide on divorce and covers subjects such as when and how to go about getting a divorce and what happens to children and marital assets.
The Family Law Series: Living Together – Opposite-Sex and Same-Sex Common Law Relationships – Opposite-Sex and Same-Sex Common Law Relationships – This guide discusses what a common law relationship is, how it differs from a marriage and what happens after a separation.
The Family Law Series: Child Support and the Child Support Guidelines – This is a booklet that explains child support and the legal responsibility when parents separate or get divorced. It covers topics like who has to pay child support, how to arrange for payments, how to enforce child support, income tax information, how to calculate the amount of child support, and how the amount of child support can be affected by special circumstances.
Family Law: A Guide to Procedures in Family Court – The Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General provides a guide to inform individuals appearing in family court what to expect and how best to prepare themselves.


Here is a list of some articles that you may find useful for your particular situation.
Marriage, Divorce and the Dotted Line – This article covers the basics of prenuptial agreements and why couples should consider entering into one before they get married.
Divorce Throws a Monkey Wrench into the Financial Works by Laura Ramsay – Read this article to find out how divorce can affect your finances and what you can do to about it.
Keeping Contact With Children: Assessing the Father/Child Post-Separation Relationship from the Male Perspective – This page discusses studies done on the father/child relationship after separation and gives some conclusions.
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